What is Your Concern? AYV In Action - Do Good
Create a Button Design that is a reflection of your concern, done in a creative manor.

Your Button Design Ingredients
An Orginal Design
Use of the pen tool
Tag line
The button tutorial and Template
Color Theory
Making the Button - video
Podcast - Link

Incorporate the following design techniques into your vector design:
• Vector pen tool trace
* Positive and negative space or
Color Trace
* Repetition or pattern
* Typography that tastes good
* Type on a path
* Your own Letter design

Any drawing of your own which is scanned
--- Or photos of a real objects may be used, then trace with the pen.

(No sports or company logos, drawings or any non images may be used)
You will need to use images from Photo Objects -Royalty Free- Corbis
To use an image from any other website you will need the teacher's permission.

You will sketch out a design
You will trace your image with the pen tool.
You will color your image.
You will complete the button tutorial
You will add the design techniques
You will apply a color scheme
Make Button - video

Extra Credit
Design youth matters buttons: Use the tuorial button two

Button Examples